Mindfulness & Leadership
Spring Semester 2016
12:20 PM – 1:50 PM, Rm. A216B
(Saturday 9:00-3:30)

Raquel Matas - Office: B-357A (305) 284-3418
Scott L. Rogers – Office:  A212-B (305) 284-5527
Office Hours:  By appointment 

Faculty Assistant: Deb Martin

Mindfulness in Law Program Website

Required Text:
Jon Kabat-Zinn, "Mindfulness for Beginners" (Sounds True, 2012). We believe you will find this book to be a meaningful resource for understanding and, in years to come, reflecting on what mindfulness is and how to practice it.

Required App: Insight Timer (download the Insight Timer App to your smartphone [website at].

Readings Packet:
All other readings are contained in a packet that will be available at the Copy Center on Monday, April 4, 2016.
Course Description

Many lawyers become leaders, and many leaders strive to improve their leadership skills.The difference between a good leader and a great leader often resides more in a person’s manner and style than in his or her knowledge of basic leadership principles. This course explores the qualities of great leadership that are not so much taught as they are realized, and ways to cultivate the leadership skills we already possess so as to further our personal trajectory and career aspirations. A central assumption of this exploration is that mindfulness provides greater clarity, focus, compassion and creativity- all qualities of effective leadership.

Thus, in this course we look to the intersection of leadership principles and mindfulness practices to deepen our capacity to draw upon what we know and learn of leadership and how to get out of the way of its natural unfolding.

Mindfulness insights and exercises shared in the course will inspire a deeper knowing of ourselves, a honing of our power, and through it an unleashing of our natural manner and style so that we might more readily draw upon and integrate leadership tools and principles into our lives and the work that we do.

Together we will review fundamental leadership principles and integrate them into research and writings in mindful leadership and the experiential practices that bring them to life. Small group exercises allow for a deeper engagement in the material along with periods for self-reflection and personal practice.

Leadership areas to be explored include: vision, focus, balance, integrity, confidence, and compassion.

Class Participation:

It is essential that you attend class to gain a thorough understanding of the themes (and their interconnections) introduced throughout the course. Students are encouraged to stay abreast of current events that are pertinent and give rise to meaningful classroom discussion.  

Additionally, the ABA and the Law School require regular class attendance, preparation, and participation. Poor class attendance, tardiness or inadequate class preparation and participation may result in a lowered/failing grade, withdrawal from the course or referral to the Dean of Students.

The three primary areas of class work upon which grading is based, and their respective weights are:  class preparedness and participation (25%), daily assignments and out-of-class mindfulness practice (25%), final project (50%).  

Due to the short length of this class, you are expected to attend each class. Attendance for the entire length of the Saturday 9:00am-3:30pm immersion is mandatory.

Assignments can be found on the website link to each class.  

Assignment Submission:
Click here to read specific instructions for submitting by way of e-mail, class assignment and projects. 

Laptop Computers, Smart Phones & Tape Recording:
No-Laptop-in-Class policy. Please refrain from use of computers, recording devices, cell phones, and texting during class, except by permission.

Students with Disabilities:
If you have a disability, or suspect that you may have a disability, the Law School encourages you to contact Iris Morera, Coordinator, Disability Services at the Office of Disability Services for information about available opportunities, resources, and services. Her phone number is 305-284-9907, and her email address is You may also visit the Disability Services website:

Class Schedule:
Below is an outline of class topics and assignments. You may click on each date a see the specific assignment for that day. Links for February 17th and 18th will go live after Saturday's class.


April 5, 2016: Introduction to Mindful Leadership: You, & the Essence of Mindful Leadership

April 6, 2016: Leadership Principles & the Art and Science of Mindfulness

April 9, 2016: Mindful Leadership Immersion (9:00am-3:30pm: BYOLLL)

April 12, 2016: Putting It All Together (to go live on the 14th, after class)

April 13, 2016: Final Class (to go live on the 13th, after class)

March 6, 2015 [Due Date]: Final Paper

*This syllabus is subject to change, moment by moment – a reminder of the nature of life.